Burn Hydropatch

Burn Hydropatch

  • Adhesive plaster for minor burns and scratches

  • Slight cooling effect

  • Strong hypoallergenic glue

  • Does not stick to the wound

  • Visually and magnetically detectable (according to the HACCP standard)

  • For the food industry


Available sizes

  • 67mm x 110mm
  • 68mm x 43mm


When to use

When you have a minor burn or scratch, you can use the Burn Hydropatch. The patch will ease the pain and provide a cooling effect. It will help to heal the wound quicker. 


How to use

First, hold your burn under running water for 15 minutes. Then clean and disinfect it. Dry the wound and apply the patch.

Refresh it every day.

Consult a doctor for major burns or when it does not heal.


More info on www.dermapatch.eu

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