Washproof plasters

Washproof plasters

The washproof patches are perfectly suited for everyday use. They are water repellent, which means they can be used in water. They stay in place because of the strong hypoallergenic glue.

This is why these patches can be used for sports like swimming. In the pool your plaster is sure to stay in place. You can also use them when doing the dishes for example.


  • Washproof adhesive plasters
  • Strong hypoallergenic glue
  • Does not stick to the wound
  • Latex-free


Available sizes

  •  19x72mm
  • 25x72mm
  • 25mm round
  • Butterfly
  • Knuckle
  • 120x20mm
  • 180x20mm
  • 6cmx1m
  • 8cmx1m

How to use

Clean your wound with water and disinfectant. Dry the wound and apply the plaster. Refresh your patch every day.


More info www.dermapatch.eu

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